Why We Gather:

When God's people come together, things change. 

We Gather...

To Incite Wonder: because life with Jesus is the sweetest, most exhilarating life out there. But without restoring a sense of child-like wonder, we'll miss out on the adventure!

To Instill Truth: because in a world where there seem to be an infinite amount of ways to go and paths to take, we know there is only one Way. His name is Jesus. And nothing is more important than growing in the knowledge of Him & His Word. 

To Inspire Community: because let's be honest, finding your people can be hard. Especially in high school. But we're living proof that even as teenagers it's possible to have Godly friends who can encourage & challenge you (even if you live far away or go to rival schools ;) ). We believe it's just a matter of creating a space like this for like-minded and like-hearted girls to meet.