Guys Night at Gather

In case you missed it, we had Guys Night at Gather on November 3rd! This night far exceeded our expectations and we saw the Lord show up in so many ways. We had incredible men of faith come sit on a panel and speak unbelievable truth. After the feedback we received from girls and people reaching out from who weren’t there, we knew that we had to make the message from the night available to people to hear. Below you will find the audio from their conversation from the night.

Panel Questions

0:32 Give me your name, your age, what you do, are you a dog person or a cat person, and are you single, dating, engaged or married?

03:31 What’s your story on how and when you met Jesus?

08:37 What are some of the shifts you experienced as you began to live a life that was fully surrendered to Him?

12:51 How does knowing Jesus living this life fully surrendered to him inform how you view women and how you date women?

14:28 How can the ladies tell the difference between a guy who says “yeah Jesus” and someone who is fully surrendered to him?

20:54 How do you actively pursue purity versus just trying to passively avoid sin?

26:54 What was your understanding of boundaries as a high schooler versus now? 

34:05 What are some mistakes you’ve seen, experienced or made in ending relationships? 

38:27 What’s the difference between true healing and navigating through brokenness? 

42:03 What are some thoughts to consider when exiting a relationship?

48:31 What are some things you’re looking for in a woman?

52:44 What encouragement would you give to teenage girls as they begin to navigate the dating world?